Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mystic Crossroads featured on FanService

Recently I had a chance to talk about LARP on a local cable show, FanService, hosted by the Diabolical League of Awesome. While I fully expected the most Diabolical, as it turns out their lair is a pretty neat studio. I am sure that many of their most devious plans were merely tucked away so that I could not catch glimpse of them, but all in all it was a pretty cool group of folks. Gavin, the Diabolical leader of the show was excited to talk about LARP, and as it turns out one of his co-schemers was one I had done some sparring with in the past. 

I arrived early not knowing just what to expect, and Gavin was quite friendly. (I’m sure he also did not quite know what to expect) We were both gamers of sorts and overall the show went well. We got to discuss some upcoming games and films and then moved on to LARP. I brought along some different props and we discussed some of the aspects of LARP one does not get to see and experience when watching things like Role Models. After some discussion we got down to business with some light combat, which is always interesting in a confined space, and even got one of Gavin’s minions to try it out. 

Fun was had, nothing expensive was broken, and folks know a bit more about LARP than they did before. I was invited back (to become part of some diabolical experiment I’m sure) and I think ZPG Games may return to perhaps interest more gaming folks to try out LARP, or at least show the league what they are missing. I’m not sure they were really Diabolical, but they definitely were awesome and I am very glad we got to cross paths.

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