Thursday, May 23, 2013

Intoduction to the Alfar and the Noble Court

Continuing my new player write ups, I present the Alfar and the Noble Court.
You are of the Alfar. The first people to set foot on this world of Lluris, the Alfar are the most beautiful and varied in their form. Pooka and Boguns, Elves and Ogres, all are part of the Alfar courts. Alfar are the wisest of people, recognizing the true value of virtue and experience, promises and honor, over possessions that humans hold so dear. The imagined worth of coin and currency is lost on Alfar, who discard such pointless unattractive baubles.
As Alfar, you have learned to use their innate powers to dictate the seeming of things, a power called Glamour. Alfar use Glamour to change useless items into the tools they need, and to dictate the perceptions of others as naturally as humans take to digging in dirt. Strangely, the holding of iron, or metals containing iron, will rob you of your Glamour.
Your stories tell of when the Dwarves were first birthed of the mountains, only to look to the sky with fear and disgust and return to their stony womb. But just as the mountain hides its treasures, the rough and stoic Dwarves have great hidden talents in craftwork and design that prove their worth.
The Sturthus, the reptile men who rose from the desert, are vicious and heartless. They arrived after Dwarves, with a hunger for power over others, each other, and the elements themselves through Alchemy. The have long hunted Alfar to drag to their slave markets as servants or as subjects of their magical experiments.
Humans are the newest of races, and most interesting. Some are noble and kind, other craven, the powerful are weak, and the destitute strongest. Their greatest virtues have been taken up by some Alfar, where others hate humans for their greatest faults. They are an entertaining puzzle.

You were born of privilege, from a family of noble title, with a duty to maintain a province, or fiefdom, and the well being of the serfs who work the land for you. The taxes you collect from your fiefdom allow you a guard for defense of your land and self, a comfortable life among families of title, and to invigorate the economy of this, your city of residence. The city folk are not your subjects, but they owe you their respect for your position, patronage and protection of this town. The other guilds are here for your benefit as you require them.
1. The Blacksmith’s guild builds the tools of the workers and soldiers. If you require them at all, it is for a piece of extraordinary quality for your display.
2. Goldsmiths are generally safer for keeping your accounts against theft. They are also needed as jewelers to maintain your display of status.
3. Bards handle the kitchen work, and proper entertainment of guests. You may also employ them to write ballads and poetry about your exploits, or your loves.
4. Tradesmen make your garments, maps of your property, sundry other things. Ho hum.
5. Merchants are the ones to find those quality items you can’t get in this simple town. You usually have to pay in advance so its good to have an established relationship.
6. The Military College trains your sheriff, or master of the guard. Soldiers can be found anywhere, but good leadership must be trained.
7. The Church of Saints is your best resource because they keep the other guilds in their places. It's like a town guard that you don't have to support.
8. The College of Magesters are the pampered sons of nobles or merchants that just didn't fit in the family. Some still put on airs like a noble, but they only need a reminder of where they stand.