Wednesday, September 11, 2013

the Dineh'ih Merchant

Continuing the new player introduction to races and guilds, here is the Dineh'ih Merchant.

You are of the Dineh-ih tribes, plains nomads following the migrations of herd animals. Your tribe lived off the land, learning the ways of animals and wisdom your ancestors. Most tribes were wiped out in the Great War by foreign armies that were mad with blood thirst from killing each other. Those Dineh-ih tribes that survived have taken in refugees and released slaves that fled across their plains.
The Sturthis, lizard people of the eastern desert, were known for enslaving other cultures for centuries. Within the last 100 years, with the emergence of Guild Law, they dumped their enslaved people in the desert, homeless, with no memory of a culture outside the one within Sturthis city-states. There were very few Dineh-ih tribes left, but your elders welcomed strangers in who were also lost and afraid. The New
People of your tribe no longer remember where their origins, having been born into slavery, and their children are your friends and neighbors, all your tribe.
You were born to a tribe that had been decimated by other nations' wars. The tribe changed dramatically in your lifetime. Old ways were lost, new ones found. You are probably too young to have been owned yourself, but your parents or other's parents, the New People, may have told you about it. Taught you old songs and dances learned in the slave dens of the Sturthis lords, told you the stories of their escape and hard journey out of the desert.
The Celestine and Harkorian people all look the same to you. Both of them speak with great pride of their nations, but do nothing for the benefit of their people. They focus on their own gain at the cost of their neighbor as if they have no  connection. How are they even human beings?
Alfar are a strange spirit people with one foot in the world. They come from wisdom one moment, and foolishness the next. They are tricksters.
Dwarves are almost unknown to Dineh-ih, burrowers that shun the sky have little in common with us.

the Merchant's Guild

You are a merchant, a buyer and seller of goods in the market. You have your finger on the pulse of the economy, learning who is looking for that special product and who has excess goods to sell for the right price. You know the value of buying low and selling high, and what price the market demands. When you travel the trade routes to other kingdoms, you're able to sell the local wares and return with goods that are unavailable from local crafters. With good trade strategy, you can accumulate great wealth, enough to rival some nobles.

  • Blacksmiths and Tradesmen are important to keep good working relations with for the best trade deals. Importing products that compete with local carters can strain those relationships.
  • The Military College requires arms and equipment often, and there are always demands not supplied locally. Sometimes a trade of goods for military services can be an advantage.
  • The Magisters can produce magic items that demand a high price, but also require costly components. A good arrangement can create great rewards.
  • Bards and the Church can be good customers, but also need benefactors and donations. The value of coin is in the favors and good will it can buy with the under valued in town. 
  • The Noble Court has the most wealth, and require the highest quality. They, and their Goldsmith purses are the greatest customers for the best merchants.