Sunday, June 2, 2013

Full scale event planned for ZPG Games

Full scale event planned for ZPG Games
Since the goblins have been a bit antsy as of late we put them to work on our first full weekend event. The event will be the first weekend in November to give folks time to prepare and to give the goblins time to work on the props and planning for it. For anyone who plays Mystic Crossroads this is a great time to hang out with other players and have a full weekend immersive event. For those who have not played, or have not done LARP before this is a great introduction and no experience is needed.

We will be camping at Palmetto State Park just south of Gonzales, Texas. Your fee $40 fee includes entrance to the park and the event, lunch and dinner on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday. It also includes a copy of the Mystic Crossroads Field Guide that you can reference during the game and keep
Here is a link to the page with ticket info and registration forms:

Also, here is the link to our email address if you have any questions:

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  1. Yeah, so... this weekend an insane flood or rain blew in and destroyed houses and killed animals around Austin. Palmetto State Park smartly closed its gates and the event could not go on. Our deposit was returned, which was lucky, I guess, but our great plans were a bust. We will try this experiment again, but not this season.