Monday, December 16, 2013

the Hithus Blacksmith

Continuing the new player introduction to races and guilds, here is the Hithus Blacksmith. This has been interesting because each race and guild can be swapped with every other, but Hithus have an especially colorful character that require some creativity to play in the civilized world in any guild...

Hithus is you. Strong, sleek, quick. Love the hunt. You proud Hithus.
Hithus come from suffering and struggle. Sturthis pick out soft and bad; take away to dark places, make sorcery on them. Twisted and crushed, hardened and stretched. Chewed up and cast out. What left pushed into jungle of death. Jungle of death filled with hungry mouths, bad water, sickness and rot. Many die, but Hithus stronger, smarter. Hithus survivors. Hungry mouths become meat for Hithus, become skins to protect Hithus, become trophies of great hunt. Hithus learn ways to turn bad water into powerful drink for great health. Hithus make tools, weapons, take from jungle what needed. Hithus stronger than Sturthis. Hithus overcome! Hithus conquerors of jungle of death!
Hithus now strong nation! Cities across jungle with good roads, safe. We sojourn out of jungle and find strange lands! Find humans, but they are too salty. Some sell to Sturthis, but also take back as slaves. Learn human talk. Learn many things from humans.
Also find Alfar, taste much better, but they hard to catch and very angry. No good slaves. Have strange powers make Hithus act crazy. Best stay away.
Dwarfs look tasty but very smart. Stay in groups, very hard shiney hides, hard to catch. Also very hairy.

The Blacksmith's Guild

You are a blacksmith, having been apprenticed as soon as you could wield a hammer. You proved you were not afraid to sweat and work hard, and your aching arms became strong, your strikes to the steel keen and precise. You now enjoy a great demand for your work from soldier to hunter to adventurer alike. The great demand for blades makes the Blacksmith's Guild one of the most powerful and influential of all guilds. Any shortage of weapons to young adventurers means you can name your price for your work. Those that complain about your costs don't appreciate the hard work that it takes for every blade.

  • The Tradesmen's Guild may resent your success while their work is not demanded as highly. 
  • The Military College may resent your prices but they're funded by Nobles and Merchants, so they can afford it.
  • The Merchants want to undercut you with cheap imported junk from the foundries of big city-states. Success can be such a burden.
  • The Church of Saints does not often require weapons, but they have enforcement duties to see to. Strength sometimes calls for steel.
  • Magisters are also uncommon customers, but when they are, they always demand the highest quality. 
  • Goldsmiths are good to know. When a Noble needs a weapon only the finest will do. A Goldsmith buyer who comes to you first, is a good friend indeed.

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