Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cedar Park Fablefest

This year we decided to give a local festival a try and booked table space at Cedar Park's Fable Fest. It was just past Halloween so there'd be lots of costumes, it was really close to our local game location, and entry was super cheap. What was there to lose?
Let me say I don't want to be negative about this little event. It was a local craft fair, just what the organizers wanted it to be, but not what I imagined in my head. There was little in the way of a "fable" theme, and attendance was mostly crafty moms and little children. We learned that Cedar Park has a fair like this every month and the theme is different each month. Seemed like just an afterthought to me. They did have the SCA out in a corner showing their stuff. The local girls drill team did a zombie thriller dance that was amusing. A few adults were in costume, but just stood out as weird around all the mundanity. However we did get some attention from other vendors because we weren't one of the same twenty dealers that are there every month. 

That being said, I think we could really make a big impression on this little show next year if we made more effort. Everything I said going into this show was dead on. We have a whole year to build new props and costumes for the game and other shows anyway. If we had some reserved space for allowing kids to fight outside of the public walkway, and more costumed players to promote, and maybe a better plan we could have a great showing and the show would really enjoy our participation. I hope we are able to do this again next year bigger and better.