Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Introducing the world of Lluris

I spend a lot of time here talking about larp or my experience trying to manage one, problems I have or that I see. That's sort of the point of the blog. But I don't have deep philosophical observations all the time, and when I do its likely as not dreadfully boring. So, hey! Thanks for reading! But sometimes its been a distraction for me, when I need to put energy into writing the the game or the next book. So check this out. I'm going to post my rough drafts here for whatever I'm doing. Let me know what you think. Tell me what needs work or if it's terrible. I could use the feedback!
Last June I wrote an entry about new players titled Engaging Your Noobs, mostly ranting, but ended with a plan to write up short two page spreads for new players on each race and guild; a quick read to get people into the game as fast as possible. So lets get to it! I'm gonna start posting these here, and maybe later on zpggames.com to promote the game. I just need motivation to keep moving forward. So here's how I'm introducing the world:

Only a hundred years has passed since the world of Lluris was bathed in blood and fire, greed and ambition. The Great War took its heavy toll from every land; fathers and mothers, sons and daughters, again and again until only orphans and the frail remained.
Only a miracle, a message from the Saints, forced the end of war and acceptance of the new law, Guild Law. Kings and warlords alike were forced to disarm and bend the knee to the holy Saints and the peace that Guild Law promised. Even today the Great War and its horrors are retold by grandparents who remember, so their suffering will not be forgotten.
Today a prosperous world of Guilds and skilled trades has grown across Lluris to replace the suffering and ruin that the War left. Everyone can learn their trade and everyone knows their place in the world. But feudal border skirmishes still ignite and there is still a place to win your fortune at the tip of a sword. Marauders must meet justice and overreaching lords my be put down. There is still a place for heros.

There are eight official guilds covering all skilled professions common to the cities and towns across Lluris. Each guild holds a monopoly over their skillset that they protect with secrecy and legal protection. The young are accepted into a guild when they begin to show aptitude, often the same guild as their parents. There are still many people not members of guilds such as farmers, sailors, hunters and trappers or sellswords, but their prospects are usually limited without guild support.
The Blacksmith’s guild is focused on the smithing of steel and its alloys, be it swords, locks, shield bands, or armor.
Goldsmiths are both jewelers and workers of precious metals, as well as bankers and currency managers.
Bards encompass all aspects of the entertainment field including cooks, barkeeping, dancers, and poets.
Tradesmen include all crafters or builders that don’t fit into the previous more specific fields.
Merchants are buyers and sellers of goods who travel from city to city buying low and selling high.
The Military College trains those who would be professional soldiers, officers who lead armies.
The Church of Saints provide spiritual guidance while maintaining the observation of Guild Law.
The College of Magesters study the mysteries of Alchemy
The Noble Court maintain laws, social services and economic health of towns cities.