Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Harkorian Military Officer

Continuing the new player introduction to races and guilds, here is the Harkorian Military College.

You are most fortunate to be born of the Harkorian Empire. You may not be a citizen, like the children of senators or high ranking military officers, but you still hold the distinction of birth to the greatest civilization in all of history. Harkor was the strongest of early cultures, that defeated and annexed their neighbors, cities and customs to build the most educated, richest, most powerful empire in the world.
All of the kingdoms of man would be under the fatherly embrace of Harkor, but for the Sturthis invaders, those soulless lizards, who's hordes threatened from the eastern deserts. Their powerful magic, that would have decimated the weaker kingdoms, required the full force of Harkor's advanced military might. Great walled keeps were erected along major roads, and advancements in siege machines and warfare were made to meet and throw back Sturthis might. Surely all humanity owes Harkor their thanks for holding back the murderous desert fiends. Although those days are behind, they are not forgotten. Sturthis may have given up their secrets to Alchemy, and ceased their attempts to wipe us out, they are cunning and should not be trusted.
The Celestines would have been Harkor's greatest conquest once, and are worthy and proud. It is a shame that they will never be able to call themselves Harkorian.
Dineh-ih are simple savages by comparison, unruly and dirty. They were small obstacles in the last war and barely adequate servants. Little has changed.
Dwarves are a strange new people with excellent weapon crafting knowledge. If such skills could be learned from them, we would be the stronger.
Alfar are the strangest of peoples, bizarre in their customs, with weird powers just at enigmatic. They should be treated with caution.

the Military College

You are a soldier. Not one of those front line peasants that join an army for the guaranteed food, clothes, and a chance to plunder. You are an officer in the Military College, studied in strategy and battlefield tactics, leadership and command. You train in various weapons to master as many as you can. You've learned from recounts of the greatest battles of the Great War. Now your hope is to be commissioned to train troops for a noble house, or better, to lead them into battle as part of an army like the old stories. In time you will earn your own awards and accolades.
Even without an ongoing war, Nobles require armed guards for their households or when traveling. A successful merchant house will need the same. It can't hurt to make sure they know you are competent and ready.
The Church of Saints also can bring work as they enforce Guild Law and may need force to bring down the heretics.
Blacksmiths and Tradesmen provide the tools of your trade at a price. Its good to have a friend among them, especially one that may be in need of defense in a dangerous world.
Magisters are a big problem. They are powerful forces in ways you can't be, and compete for noble favor and commissions that your work deserves. At the same time, a strong Magister is good to have at your side in a pitch battle. Also they can apply their arcane powers to equipment that would make you a greater threat to enemies. Politics is not so easy as battle strategy.